Sunday, October 08, 2006


i know. its been awhile. a very long while. if a while was an hour, i took almost 888,888 of them. a lot of things happened since my last confession. i should have written.

i woke up slightly late today. which is 10am. preplanned my photography assignment for today. the assignment requires me too submit, 5 pieces of 11" x 14" black and white photos of a subject with an interesting job. i came up with the idea of documenting the life of a street cobler. i find it to be a challenge to document someone who has such a humbling work and way of life on film. im required to interview the subject, which im sure will only help me understand more in what is needed to be captured on film.

this assignment is actually a degree syllabus, in which somehow i got myself into. i had to take the degree photography class since my other classes clashed with my original classes. at first, i was told by the lecturer he would go easy on me on the assignments since the degree syllabus was a tad too much for me, or so he thought. eventually, on the first assignment, my photography works is said to be examplary. my 20 piece photo proudly hanged on the wall for a month. all i hear was kudos from the lecturer from that moment on and i was made into a star, unwillingly. now, for this next assignment i have to live up to my prodigal photographic abilities. which adds more pressure in my already hectic schedule.

for my corporate identity system assignment, i volunteered myself to do both the syllabus and inducity assignments. in which im very proud of.
inducity assignment : MEBA Malaysian Emerging Brand Awards.
syllabus assignment : Arca Solutions, an architecture consultant firm.
currently working on the local product packaging. i pitched my ideas for budu and cencaluk. i named the brand "cecah : malaysia". cecah means dip in english and my concept is for people to dip into the taste of malaysian recipes and i wish it is promoted internationally. "budu bliss" and "tingly cencaluk", i think the names would even tickle anthony bourdain's taste buds. took some time to name the product and i think it was worth the while. i concur, they both fit well in the idea as well as the design. i shall complete all of it it by next week, i hope.
so that gives me time for other assignments.


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