Thursday, October 19, 2006

i am an unplugged sink

had a pleasant buffet buka puasa at hilton kl today. the banquet was furnished with properly lined long white sheets wrapped around the ceiling and walls. it gave the illusion of being in an arabian tent in the middle of the desert. found a delightful surprise at the table, a small aliminium tin with the words "ramadhan at the hilton" inscribed on it. found inside was two plump yummy dates. i thought it was a nice touch. had roast lamb,oysters and mussels just to name a few. i downed all that with syrup selasih. those magical selasih looked like its a snow globe when stirred in the glass.

earlier today, went to clinic to find out why i keep having this chest pains. which is a sharp pain around the area where the heart is. no, its not because of heartbreak. silly u! the doctor diagnosed that i sit infront of my pc too much, that my ribs have somehow strayed too near to my heart because of my straining. which explains the sharp pains. the doctor gave me some prescriptions and ensured me that it will be fine. soon after, watched grey's anatomy on star world. it is my favorite series to watch nowadays. i don't have a specific reason. i just like it. theres a line i could definitely use, for my current situation.

sheperd was having an argument with grey, she refuses to listen to him and said "i am an unplugged sink, everything u say just goes right through". sheperd was apparently confused with the analogy. later on he comically use that same line to another character. "i am an unplugged sink". loved it.

another quote states an unconditional love. "there is this woman i like. i wouldn't even mind if she gave me Ebola virus". which told me things. which made me think. i would definitely say that about a woman i like. silly me.


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