Monday, October 30, 2006

getting the skinny

delighted that azuar is back. he brought back salted fish from kuching for my mum. it was packed like a briefcase, convenient! he wanted to pass them to me, but we both aren't going to college for the day. so, we devised a plan, which in turn leads us to mid valley. decided to park jules in subang parade and walk to the station for the train. i missed the train by a minute, had to wait another 20 for the next one.
arrived late. considering that i took off around 12-ish. upon arrival, decided to go for fried meals at madam kwan's. i opted for char koay teow and ice lemon tea. the sugar for the lemon tea was served separately. thoroughly enjoyed pouring it. lovely!
next made our way to the cinemas to catch a movie. watched the prestige, a story of two rival magicians trying everything to better one another. christian bale being one and hugh jackman the other. the prestige is a term used to call the finishing touch in a magician's act. just as i expected, the movie served an intriguing storyline with puzzling plot twists. living up to magicians showmanship. from start till end, it was truly a story of misdirections and showmanship. later on found out the film was directed by christopher nolan, the director who directed batman begins. which explained why the movie had a dark moody feel to it. i was not surprised with the same casting as well, being christian bale and michael caine. loved hearing michael caine talk. a distinct voice. would love to hear his voice as a cartoon character. which is now an "in" thing in hollywood. all and all i thought, the prestige was prestigious.
after the movie, finally decided to get myself some skinny ties. wanted to get them since last semester. i need to look the part i thought. initially wanted to get the ones at topman. but, i figured i should get plain ones so that i could mix and match with my shirts. after awhile, i can get stripey ones. i love stripes!


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