Monday, October 09, 2006

conversate to compensate

i've been having conversations with myself again. in my head and at times verbally. i've been telling myself to tell myself how telling, telling myself could tell me. i've been doing that to compensate for my recent loss. im really beating myself up over this, zariq. the break up is taking its toll on me, in every way.

on friday, i got myself the chocolat dvd at a bargain price of rm9.90. i was estatic and i couldn't wait to watch it as soon as i got home. try imagining an irish johnny depp, with a tiny dash of cpt jack sparrow's swagger. do you savvy? yes, i thought so...

then on saturday, in the events of further compensation, i got myself a classic book. pere goriot written by honore de balzac. the first few pages got me hooked. after a few reads of contemporary novels, it rekindled my love for classics. it made me remember why i love reading them. i missed the flair of words, the overdramatics, the exaggerated description and the overall literary genius. i am going to thoroughly enjoy myself with this one.


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