Tuesday, April 04, 2006

retirement of classics and fiction (for a while)

i was ready to stay at home today. but, i got a call from azuar asking me to join him at klcc. i was thinking of getting myself some advertising/branding/marketing books to jumpstart my lifeless advertise-easy. it is really hanging on a balance right now. i got ready and figured that i'd look sharp with my fedora on, its been a while since i wore my hat. took the new bus with the new route to asiajaya's lrt station as i had to meet up with my mum at bangsar. the lrt ride to bangsar was odd, half of the lrt's benches was missing. it is as if some giant monster tore it right off. on top of that, the air-conditioning did not work. so, here i was on my way to bangsar and sweating. as soon as i was there, a dash across the station hallways, a quick run down the stairs, a jump over the few steps, a talk with my mum and some resource refunding, i was on my way to klcc via a half-full, well air-conditioned, well benched lrt train.

got there a little late. should have said sorry to azuar. sorry azuar! he waited at kinokuniya for ages. but i don't think that bothers him too much with kinokuniya being his spiritual home. being in the company of books is always hospitable.

we later decided on an enlightening visual and auditory feast of roberto benigni's la tigre e la neve translated the tiger and the snow. i predicted that there would be less than ten people watching, sadly, i was a little off on that. the film is in italian with english subtitles as evidently stated on the film's poster. it is a poignant romantic comedy, showing how far a man will do for love. it is life at its most beautiful. i thoroughly enjoyed myself watching roberto benigni's character as the fumbling poetry professor. i couldn't stop laughing and thinking about it afterwards. it is a must watch.

later on, went to kinokuniya to get my book. i couldnt really find a suitable book even with the help of azuar. i was hesitant i guess. instead i got myself the rebel sell : how the counterculture became the consumer culture. i figured that it would be good to retire myself reading the classics/fiction for a while and read on other peoples ideas and point of views. it is a book on "how to mock the system and jam it so that it will collapse". booyah!

as the night approaches, i slowly made my way home via the trusted public transport.


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