Saturday, April 08, 2006

meeting her

started the day with nescafe.

today is the day i've been waiting for the past month. meeting nadiah. i've missed her so much its beyond words. the long hours of staring at her pictures, texting, talking over the phone just couldn't cut it anymore.

i reached class a tad early and an empty classroom greeted me. don't blame me for being the morning person, i think a coffee person is always a morning person. there i was in a chirpy mood in a chirpy mood destroying empty classroom with my book. and so i waited...

10.30 am. class concluded sooner than expected. i had time to kill and i did what any other coffee drinker would do. go to starbucks and have coffee despite that i already had my nescafe an hour and a half ago. i literally ran on coffee that day. got myself a hot cinnamon streusel latte. a delightful drink for the mornings. sat at the corner with book; the rebel sell in hand.

it was time. i was thrilled. im meeting her. i feel like a fat kid love cake. on the way to b.u, i noticed how congested the highway was. there i realized that its going to be a long day at the parking lots. went to midvalley for the cinema. as i predicted, it took almost an hour to get a parking. excuse me for being a little edgy after that.
we decided to watch gubra after finding out that v for vendetta ran out of seats. i find gubra a little dissapointing. i had high expectations with my eagerness and all. in my opinion, the film didn't reach the standard sepet had set. i feel the story didn't mesh and some scenes leads to nowhere. it felt like a drama series, but instead, you watched the whole season in an hour or so. although, i do find nam ron's potrayal of the bilal very cool, in every sense of the word.
at the end of the day. im relieved and very happy to see nadiah again.
as moon shines light that entwines,
so is my heart with thine.


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