Tuesday, April 11, 2006

in the clouds of thought


scene 1. in the clouds of thought.

enter - sadness, happiness, love & hope.

sadness : i am never happy,
i am purest melancholy.
never shall i feel what thou feel,
happiness to i, is seeing beauty behind a veil.

happiness : i know not of what thou say,
i know only of sweetness like the darling buds of may.
like the delicate soft swaying winds,
gently singing happiness in hymns.

sadness : thou speak of absurdity,
such things i do not see.
i am happy, that is a lie,
i am sadness, that is i.

happiness : think not of worry,
it shall not be an absurdity.
think of love and hope in times of frailty,
remember, there is still the power divinity.

love & hope : it is true like a bind that ties,
happiness speak the truth and not of lies.
open thy eyes and shall be seen,
what the world is made of and the happiness within.

sadness : kind words are spoken,
happiness left yet unopen,
sadness still left instill,
but with love and hope,
happiness shall i find and will.
[runs like a child looking for mother]


Blogger Ahmad Azuar infatuated

i like the comedy. made me smile.

in the cloud of thoughts, feelings are having conversations.


Monday, April 17, 2006 10:10:00 AM  

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