Tuesday, April 11, 2006


all i did since sunday was procrastinate. i sat infront of my computer and stare blankly at the monitor for hours, strummed, picked, shred on my guitar for hours and read my book for hours without realising what i was reading. now its tuesday, it is still the same, a dejavu some might say. i say precognitive clairvoyant-ish prediction. seriously, the long hours got to me.

cue sadness. i've always been a sad person. ever since i could remember. but it is always suppresed. never shown. like sadness encapsulated in a shell. the shell being a mask that never stops smiling. suppression is always not a good option. but sadness have been good to me. sadness inspires me. sadness initiates me. sadness, i think does relate to being a realist and a pessimist. to which im not. im still in denial. cue sadness again.

i think im deprived of coffee. or is it love? does coffee and love go together? i shall find out!

but first, coffee.


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