Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the beginning is the end is the beginning

again. another blog of mine. im a serial blog maker! one after the other. im still wondering why i keep doing so. i suppose i get bored of blogging easily. i really do love writing. hopefully, that should keep me blogging on. i think, this one is a keeper (:

as i was enjoying my pretty, perky, cutesy new blog, i checked out a few random blogs using the the blogger navbar. I stumbled on an interesting blog by justin kahn, aptly named the concept of irony
. written with sarcasm and irony in mind, the writings are deadly hilarious. upon further observation, i found a few more writings of his and this one i thought was smartly written, how i got out of writing an essay on h.g. well's the time machine. reading them inspires me to write. a deftly ingenious written fiction is on its way!

fyi, writing this post took 46 minutes.


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